Welcome to the 2020 Monopoly "Coast to Coast" Game at McDonald’s Redemption Site!

If you believe that you have potentially won a Prize by either:
  • Peeling a Game Stamp and revealing an “Instant Win” Non-Food Prize* in the 2020 Monopoly "Coast to Coast” Game at McDonald’s (the "Game"); or
  • Collecting all of the original "Collect and Win" Game Stamps of the same colour group (or all four of the airport “Collect and Win” Game Stamps, or both of the two highway “Collect and Win” Game Stamps, or all three of the RMHC “Collect and Win” Game Stamps) to form a Winning Combination in the Game.
*Note: If you believe you are a potential winner of an “Instant Win” $10 or $50 McDonald’s Card Prize, you first must visit a participating McDonald’s restaurant in Canada and ask to see the McDonald’s restaurant manager to obtain an empty McDonald’s card and then return to this webpage with that empty card and with your potentially winning Game Stamp in order to start to redeem that Prize. Be sure to keep your potentially winning game stamp because you need the code which appears on that game stamp in order to start the redemption process for the prize!